The debate between far left Cornel West and Candace Owens has to be the best political debate this week or even longer.

To say that Candace Owens is fierce is an understatement. This young conservative is quick and smart. The most important thing about her is that she’s fearless in the face of anyone. She’s a huge asset to the conservative movement in America. Watch her take on Harvard Professor Cornel West and demolish every argument he has against President Trump and our economy. They even debate the IQ of Maxine Waters…LOL

Owens speaks about how different President Trump is because he’s honest:

CANDACE OWENS, FOUNDER, BLEXIT MOVEMENT: Well, look I think the President is doing something different definitely his tone is different because he tells the truth. He doesn’t pander to black America. He hasn’t offered us hot sauce; he’s offered us jobs. That makes many people uncomfortable because they’re from an era where race hustling is a business. They’re used to telling black Americans that they’re victims, writing books about victimhood and that is no longer selling in America.

We’re doing tremendous under this presidency. There is no candidate that is offering anything on the left to counter what Trump has offered. They’re just offering more rhetoric, more fearmongering and unfortunately, time is up on this narrative. We are ready to move on and embrace our future.

Her best answer was about how she went from being liberal to conservative:

Look, at that point, I was on the left. So, Barack Obama first went into office, I was a liberal and I changed my mind due to exactly what you are saying. He drove this nation apart. President Trump is bringing this nation together because what he is talking about is patriotism. Patriotism knows sex, it knows no color, it knows no creed. The liberal media can ignore all the work that he is doing in Black America all they want. Every statistic in the world shows you right now that black support for Donald Trump has doubled and that is meaningful.

And I’m telling you that by 2020, he is going to be the first president to crack the black vote to the detriment of the Democrats.

One of the best parts of the debate to point out is when Laura Ingraham asked Cornel West if he’d ever met President Trump and mentiond how they could get so much done by working together.

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