Who doesn’t remember a young Andrew Giuliani upstaging his father, Rudy Giuliani, years ago? If not, the video below has become a classic played over and over again. In the video, the young Andrew Giuliani raised his hand alongside his father to take the oath of office.


Well, time flies, and that young boy just formally announced his bid for governor of New York.

Giuliani told Fox News this morning, “I’m in”,  to announce his candidacy to take on New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo in 2022. He said it will be the fight of the century:

“New York deserves a leader who will fight to make it the greatest state in America once again. “If New Yorkers choose to elect me Governor, I will bring New York back from the precipice of ruin to the shining STATE on the hill once again! I think it will be the fight of the century.”

He worked in the Trump administration as associate director in the White House Office of Public Liaison and said  he was “proud” of the years he spent working for former President Trump:

“I’m proud of our 25-year friendship. I’m certainly proud of all of the accomplishments we were able to accomplish together in the Trump White House. So I will never run away from that. So whether New Yorkers want to call me a Trump candidate, or a Giuliani candidate, all I can tell you is I am Andrew Giuliani. And Donald Trump is certainly part of what made Andrew Giuliani, and so is Rudy Giuliani and Donna Hanover. So I think that’s for New Yorkers to determine. But what I can tell you, more than anything, is I am focused on turning this great state around.”

Even though New York is a blue state, Governor Cuomo has lost support from the people who reelected him three times. After numerous sexual harassment claims hit Cuomo and the horrible nursing home scandal where the governor placed COVID-19 patients in nursing homes, his support cratered.

“Giuliani vs. Cuomo. Holy smokes. It’s Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier. We can sell tickets at Madison Square Garden.” – Andrew Giuliani 




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