It’s one thing to complain about food but this lunatic is out of his mind! A video below shows there’s something really wrong with this guy. He told the worker he was going to kill her and you have to believe him after seeing this!

Dallas police detectives want to identify a fast food customer they say went on a threatening rampage because he was dissatisfied with a milkshake order.

Surveillance video from the Burger King at 11800 block of N. Central Expressway from June 13 shows the man at the counter. The video has no audio.

But the recording shows him throwing a drink at someone outside the scope of the camera.

The man then grabs a highchair from the seating section and flings it across the counter.

“I was very scared,” Alejandra Estrada said Monday afternoon. Estrada is an employee at the Burger King who was the target of the man’s outburst.

“He hit me in my face, and he called me names,” the 60-year-old staffer said.

Coworkers called 911, and the man left.

Estrada said the man complained about the milkshake, then demanded coffee. When he was told there was no coffee, he started yelling, she said.

Estrada said the man jumped the counter, chased her towards a small office, then punched her in the face.

“He said, ‘I’m going to kill you.’ Oh my God. I tried to close the door, but the door doesn’t [close],” she said.

Dallas police are investigating the incident as an assault.

They’re hopeful someone can identify the man seen in the video.

Via: CBS Local

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