Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo got an earful from Senator Ron Johnson today during a discussion about how Hunter Biden and his business partner Devon Archer brought in $4.2 million in their business dealing with Ukraine. He called out the media for ignoring the mountains of corruption by the Bidens.

Senator Johnson also accused Joe Biden of lying during a 2019 Axios interview about his knowledge of Hunter Biden’s arrangements.

He began by listing the numerous examples of corruption by Hunter Biden that his committee found:

TRANSCRIPT: Well, let’s just start with Ukraine.

We found that Hunter and his partner Devon, their businesses raked in about $4.2 million — that’s about $140,000 a month, almost $1.7 million per year — for being on this board.

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We also found out, through George Kent, that a $7 million bribe was paid to the prosecutor general’s office seven months after Hunter and Devon joined the board. And, of course, Hunter was put on the board supposedly for corporate governance and transparency.

We also found out that the national dealings extended way beyond Ukraine, for example, a $3.5 million payment made to Hunter Biden’s businesses by the former wife of the now-deceased mayor of Moscow. She’s a billionaire. That’s why we believe that she got her billions through corrupt practices when her husband was the mayor.

And then, of course, all of the business associates — associations that Hunter Biden, the millions in cash flow between China and Chinese nationals that had connections to the Communist Party and the People’s Liberation Army.

And what — Maria, what is most frustrating is, the press has basically just dismissed it, saying, oh, there’s nothing new here, nothing illegal.

First of all, it’s not my job in Congress to prove illegality or to prosecute. We’re here to expose information that should be incredibly troubling to the American public, and yet the press just kind of shrugs and moves on.

Maria Bartiromo then played the video from Axios of Joe Biden denying he spoke with his son about his son’s business dealings. She asked Senator Johnson to comment on Biden’s claim:

Well, I hate to say it, but Joe Biden is lying to the American public.

When he said in the tail end of 2019 that he never spoke to his son about his overseas business dealings, that was a lie. We know in testimony now from Amos Hochstein, who is the only people of we know of that actually spoke directly to the vice president about this glaring conflict of interests; the vice president then talked to Hunter, who then set up a meeting with Amos Hochstein to talk about this very subject.

We know that Hunter took a multihour plane trip over to China with his father, had a separate agenda, but, during that trip, then arranged for a handshake between one of his business partners, Jonathan Lee, and the vice president. What was all that about?

So I have never believed that the vice president never talked to his son Hunter. He’s still lying to the American public. And the mainstream media has to ask far tougher questions.

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