Over the weekend, a Texas firefighter responded to a horrific car crash only to realize that it was his own family involved. The firefighter successfully rescued his wife and son, but the family had no health insurance and has been left with a hefty medical bill.

Enter Swift.

After seemingly reading BuzzFeed’s article on the incident Wednesday night, the pop star “favorited” it on Twitter.

twitter fireman

Then, something conspicuous happened. A $15,000 donation appeared on the GoFundMe page setup for the Texas firefighter’s family — and it was signed “Taylor Swift.”


Swift’s publicist would not confirm to TheBlaze whether the pop star had in fact donated the money herself, but a person with knowledge of the situation told BuzzFeed that she had indeed personally given the money to the family.

Robin Davis, who setup the fundraiser for the family, reacted on Facebook Thursday.

“I awoke this morning to see this. ..THE TAYLOR SWIFT contributed $15,000 to my dear friends Amber Keeler VanRiper, John Bear and Aaron VanRiper! Truly amazing that a celebrity saw their story and decided to act upon it. Thank you God for moving her heart to do so,” she wrote.

Swift has previously garnered attention for similar actions of good will. Previously she has called children with cancer, surprised fans with gifts and performed for individuals in the hospital.

Via: The Blaze

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