Fox News began their segment with Joe Biden Campaign Surrogate Jenna Arnold, with a video clip of Joe Biden only one year ago, saying he stands by his statement that he did not discuss any of his son’s overseas business deals. Fox News host Leland Vittert asked Arnold about the clip, saying, “But, that doesn’t seem true anymore, does it?” Arnold immediately began to discredit the recent reports about the damning emails allegedly found on Joe Biden’s son Hunter’s computer, saying the New York Post article’s accusations are “unconfirmed.”

Vittert, to his credit, interrupted her, saying, “Ok, Jenna. It’s real simple. You say it’s unconfirmed, tell us which parts are not true. I mean, Hunter Biden knows what emails he has and hasn’t sent. Are you saying, and is the campaign saying that these emails aren’t his?”

“It’s unclear to me,” Arnold responded, as she attempted to smear Rudy Giuliani for exposing the scandal. Vittert pressed her again, telling her, “The easiest thing in the world to do, would be to say, ‘These aren’t Hunter Biden’s emails,'” as he played a clip of Joe Biden berating a CBS reporter for asking a question about Hunter’s campaign, calling them a “smear campaign.”

Vittert continued, asking “Don’t the American people deserve something better than the former vice president attacking the person who asked a legitimate question?”

Finally, after much back and forth, the Biden campaign surrogate told Vittert, “I don’t think anybody’s saying they are inauthentic,” she finally responded.

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