Since the release of Dinesh D’Souza’s new documentary 2000 Mules, D’Souza has reported that Conservative news site Newsmax, as well as Fox News, is blocking coverage of the film.

On Monday morning, D’Souza revealed via Twitter that Tucker Carlson wouldn’t allow Catherine Engelbrecht to discuss the documentary on his show. Just an hour later, he also tweeted,

“BTW @newsmax is also blocking coverage of ‘2000 Mules.’ I was booked on Grant Stinchfield’s Newsmax show and then the network canceled on me. Criticize the move if you like, but why isn’t this a legitimate news story? How can so-called news networks pretend it doesn’t exist?”

Newsmax responded to D’Souza’s Tweet, insisting that their network has covered the documentary multiple times. The news site wrote,

“Newsmax has covered ‘2000 Mules,’ including airing its trailer dozens of times, airing President Trump’s comments on it, and featuring ‘2000 Mules’ in our daily podcast.

Also covered it on”

Newsmax continued,

“We’ve allowed the for-profit ‘2000 Mules’ to run their ads on @Newsmax. We’ve extensively covered the 2020 election, its results, and President Trump’s challenges to the race.

Voter integrity issues are of national importance.”

However, it still remains unknown why D’Souza’s appearance on the Newsmax show was canceled.

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