What the heck happened to our freedom of speech? First graders were asked not to use the words “God”, “Jesus” or “devil” in an Indiana classroom…Why? Political correctness in action…Parents aren’t happy about this!

MCCORDSVILLE, Ind. (FOX59) – Parents of students at an Indiana elementary school are not happy after a first grade teacher sent home a note asking children not to talk about God, Jesus, or the Devil, FOX 59 reports.

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According to a statement from McCordsville Elementary School, a debate about God happened in the first grade classroom earlier in the week, so the teacher sent the letter about her expectations to parents. The section of the letter reportedly asked parents to have a talk with their children about the time and place to discuss faith.

A parent submitted the letter to FOX 59, which in part reads: “With Mccordsville Elementary being a public school, we have many different religions and beliefs, and I do not want to upset a child or parent because of these words being used.”

A letter from the superintendent said it is okay for students to speak about their religion as long as it does not interrupt class: “Trying to limit a student’s view on religion is a violation of a student’s first amendment rights. However, if the discussion becomes an academic disruption, then as a district, we can intervene to maintain the integrity of the educational process while at the same time being sure to not violate a student’s constitutional rights.”

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