Houston’s Methodist Hospital, the first hospital in the country to enforce a vaccine mandate, is now concerned that it may face a crisis due to staffing shortages. At least 153 employees were either fired or quit after refusing the vaccine.

The hospital also required employees to take a vaccine booster, disregarding the fact that the vaccine did not produce immunity.

Houston Methodist executive vice president and chief physician, Dr. Robert Phillips wrote an internal email on July 12 obtained by The Epoch Times saying,

“What is worrisome is the climbing number of our employees who cannot work because they are home sick with COVID-19. Almost 400 employees tested positive last week,” 

Jennifer Bridges, a nurse fired by Methodist for refusing the vaccine,  responded to Dr. Phillips’ memo. She told Epoch Times,


“This only proves our point that the vaccine doesn’t work. A true vaccine would prevent you from catching the virus. It’s time Methodist owns up to its mistakes.”

“The patients are suffering in the hospitals, and the little staff they have are overworked due to these shortages. It’s sad that they would rather keep away very healthy, unvaccinated nurses with natural immunity when they need us so badly” she added.

Dr. Mary Bowden was suspended from Houston Methodist after promoting Ivermectin and early treatments for COVID-19 patients. She publicly opposed vaccine mandates and accused the hospital of not complying with transparency laws on covid funding.

She remains a public critic of the vaccine, sharing that a portion of her patients are being treated for vaccine reactions.


John Hopkins Dr. Marty Makary also responded to the unscientific way natural immunity has been handled, saying the “CDC ignoring natural immunity is like having the head of NASA believe the earth is flat.”

Makary addressed the situation at Houston Methodist saying,

“When Methodist fired nurses who had natural immunity for not being vaccinated, they fired those least likely to spread the infection at the workplace,”  “Many nurses have circulating antibodies that neutralize the COVID virus, but they are not antibodies that Methodist hospital recognizes.”


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