The first batch of unsealed Jeffrey Epstein documents were released Wednesday.

As expected, Bill Clinton appeared in the files.

“The Jeffrey Epstein files have been unsealed. We have the documents,” attorney and journalist Techno Fog noted.

“We start with Bill Clinton – John Doe #36 – whose deposition was essential to provide info on his relationship with Maxwell and Epstein,” Techno Fog continued.

“Apart from the Defendant [Ghislaine Maxwell] and Mr. Epstein, former President Clinton is a key person who can provide information about his close relationship with Defendant and Mr. Epstein and disapprove Ms. Maxwell’s claims,” the files read.


According to testimony from one witness, Bill Clinton allegedly “likes them young,” (referring to girls).

Techno Fog shared the file:


“Note – there are more batches of documents that haven’t been uploaded by the Giuffre/Maxwell attorneys. Pardon any delay; many documents relate to John Does who were merely witnesses or doctors. (The influencers and media lied to you about many John Does.) See photo below,” Techno Fog wrote.


The website Court Listener crashed minutes following the release of the Jeffrey Epstein files.

However, Just the News downloaded the files.

Per Just the News:

The Southern District of New York on Wednesday published a batch of 40 documents related to a civil case involving Jeffrey Epstein.

According to one document from the file dump, Donald Trump did NOT visit Jeffrey Epstein’s homes or his island.


Another document shows a witness saying they did NOT massage Donald Trump.


Axios reports:

A federal judge unsealed hundreds of pages of court documents on Wednesday night from a lawsuit related to deceased convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.


Those documents include over 150 names deriving from a civil lawsuit against Ghislaine Maxwell, who was sentenced last year to 20 years in prison on sex trafficking and other charges for helping Epstein sexually abuse teenage girls.

Last month, U.S. District Judge Loretta Preska ordered most of the material within 187 entries listed under the pseudonym “J. Doe” be released after Jan. 1. in regard to the suit.

In part of that lawsuit, Virginia Giuffre accused Maxwell of facilitating her sexual abuse. The case was settled in 2017, though the terms were not made public at the time.

Preska also noted that anyone who may be named in the documents could file an appeal prior to the documents’ release.

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