Why would a police captain tell the responding officers at a school shooting to stand down and just “stage” outside of the building while the shooter was blasting away inside? Her order goes against the Sheriff’s Department policy (see policy below) to go in. Law enforcement officials have said this “could have cost lives”:

Fox News reported that a Broward sheriff’s commander had ordered deputies to set up a perimeter, rather than storm the school and neutralize the shooter. The Miami Herald identified the commander as Jordan, saying a Sheriff’s Office dispatch log shows that she gave the order. Israel and law enforcement experts say the proper procedure in an active shooter situation is to move in on the shooter immediately, not set up a perimeter.

Jeff Bell, president of the Broward County Sheriff‘s Deputies Association, said he was shown a copy of the log by Fox News and it appeared authentic. Assuming it was accurate, he said, “this was the wrong command to be given.”

“Our priority is to preserve life,” he said.


The police captain who told sheriff’s deputies to ‘stage’ and form a perimeter outside Stoneman Douglas High School as students and teachers were shot inside on February 14 has been named and pictured.

Jan Jordan, 49, was in charge of deputies who responded to the first calls of the shooting in Parkland, Florida, last month, according to police sources.


Miami Herald reports:

Before being appointed to command Parkland, Jordan was assigned to BSO’s civil division, which serves subpoenas and injunctions, according to her online biography. She was previously with the Fort Lauderdale Police Department, where Israel also worked.

DAILY MAIL reports:

The 27-year force veteran was issuing commands from her radio.

At 2.32pm, ten minutes after the first call to police that shots had been fired, the following command came from Jordan’s radio: ‘NEED PERIMETER’. 

The SWAT team entered the school at 2.47pm, 15 minutes after the ‘need perimeter’ command was issued.

It was not until 3.02pm that the first mention of the gunman leaving the school was made.

Was this a miscommunication during a time when it was so important to get this right? Did the 27-year veteran not understand that her command would cost lives of people inside the school?

She has refused to comment on what happened.




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