On Friday, the radical, Democrat, freshman lawmaker who hates Donald Trump and isn’t very fond of Jews, called for another group she’s not very fond of, to be disbanded—the Minneapolis Police Department.

The freshman immigrant lawmaker from the lawless country of Somali; Democrat Ilhan Omar tweeted that the Minneapolis Police Department has “proven themselves beyond reform,” demanding they be disbanded.

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On Saturday, a video captured one of the most humiliating moments in the career of far-left, anti-Trump, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey.  During a Black Lives Matter protest in Minneapolis, spineless Democrat Mayor Jacob Frey, was asked by a female BLM organizer if he would agree to defund the police in Minneapolis? After publicly acknowledging his white privilege, Frey meekly responded to her question, saying he would not agree to defund the police.

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The female organizer immediately shamed the mayor, shouting, “Get the f*ck out of here!” as the crowd began chanting,“Go home, Jacob, go home!” The deflated Democrat exited the chanting crowd with his tail between his legs.

On Sunday afternoon, a veto-proof majority of Minneapolis City Council members announced their commitment to disbanding the city’s embattled police department.

“We’re here because we hear you. We are here today because George Floyd was killed by the Minneapolis Police. We are here because here in Minneapolis and in cities across the United States it is clear that our existing system of policing and public safety is not keeping our communities safe,” Minneapolis City Council President Lisa Bender said Sunday. “Our efforts at incremental reform have failed. Period.”

Early this morning, the Brevard County Fraternal Order of Police shared their support for the Minneapolis police officers whose jobs are jeopardy over the George Floyd incident involving four police officers. The Brevard Co. F.O.P. wrote:

Minneapolis officers… we WILL NOT disband our LE agencies or give in… we are hiring in Florida. Lower taxes, no spineless leadership, conflicting orders or dumb mayors rambling on at press conferences… Plus… we got your back! #lawandorderFlorida #movetowhereyouare

The Brevard County F.O.P. made a similar post on June 6th, inviting other police officers in Buffalo, NY and Atlanta, GA who are being attacked by the leftist outrage mob, to apply for jobs in their county.

On June 3, the Brevard County F.O.P. made it very clear with an image of a “Thin Blue Line” and a message that they support “men and women of ALL RACES who stand the gap and put their lives on the line for humans of ALL colors.”

They shared the following message with their community on their Facebook page.

This Thin Blue Line represents the hundreds of thousands of men and women of ALL RACES who stand in the gap and put their lives on the line each and every single day for humans of every color, including those who hate them. This Thin Blue Line represents the hundreds of thousands of officers who are out on the streets protecting businesses, property, and even protesters even as rocks, bricks, and even bullets come their way. They can’t say anything. They have to stand there and take it. They don’t get a social media trend or a box. They get overtime, hate, insults, assaults, and violence over an act they didn’t commit. So as you social media social justice warriors copy and paste your boxes today, remember those men and women that hold this Thin Blue Line. They will be out there protecting you, whether you hate them or not. #Thinblueline

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The left is outraged that the Fraternal Order of Police would dare to offer good cops who are in danger of losing their jobs through no fault of their own, a place to work. The outrage mob circled the wagons on Twitter, shaming the F.O.P., accusing them of openly recruiting racists. We took a screenshot of the message from their Facebook page (see above). While we were writing this article, the post was removed.
What do you think? Should an organization that supports law enforcement have to cower to the leftist mob because they offered jobs to good, law-abiding law-enforcement officers?

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