Kate Steinle is smiling down on Governor DeSantis and his commitment to putting American citizens before illegal aliens in Florida. 32-year-old  Kate Steinle of San Fransisco was murdered by an illegal alien when she was walking with her father and a family friend on Pier 14 in San Francisco. The suspect, Garcia Zarate, who was an illegal alien, argued that the murder was an accident, saying that the gun accidentally went off after he found it wrapped in a cloth under a park bench. Zarate was protected from being deported because he lived in a sanctuary city. The seven-time felon who murdered Steinle was acquitted of the 2015 murder and assault, was sentenced to time served for being a felon in possession of a firearm.

While he was running for governor in Florida, Ron DeSantis promised to ban sanctuary cities in his state. Florida’s new governor has followed through on his promise.

Washington Free Beacon reports – In an aggressive attempt to enforce immigration law, Florida governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill into law banning sanctuary cities in the state. The law requires state agencies and law enforcement entities to support federal law enforcement when addressing illegal immigration in the state.

Sanctuary cities restrict cooperation with federal immigration enforcement, meaning that they can serve as safe havens for illegal immigrants looking to avoid deportation. Over the course of his tenure, the Trump administration has targeted sanctuary cities with funding cuts for refusing to work with federal agencies such as Immigration Customs and Enforcement.

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There are currently no sanctuary cities in Florida, meaning the law bans any future defiance of federal immigration law from Florida’s municipalities.

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The law was one of the Republican governor’s major campaign promises, the Miami Herald reported. It will go into effect in October.

The law also provides for “an exception to reporting requirements for crime victims or witnesses,” according to its text. If an illegal immigrant is a witness or a victim of a crime, he or she would not be deported for reporting it.

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