A Florida restaurant has declared itself a “safe harbor” for law enforcement officials.

To all police officers, Sheriff deputies, marshall, or any law enforcement officer, The Local Fresh Grill will always be a safe haven for you, a place where you can come and enjoy your lunch knowing that I have your back. You will always be shown the respect you deserve. Not all of us are fooled by all this propaganda and media exaggerations. We know that the majority of you are good people and put your lives on the line every day for us.

P.S. As always, please come in and take advantage of the 10% discount we offer you and have since the day we opened our doors almost 4 years ago.

The Local Fresh Grill of Pasco is also offering decals for other restaurants to display in their windows, letting local law enforcement officers know that their establishment backs the blue. From their post on Facebook:

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In fact, let’s let the Cat out of the Bag. I am having window signs made that look like this. Friends in uniform, if your back is ever against the wall near The Local Fresh Grill, I need you to know that you can duck in our restaurant for safety. We’ll lock the doors, help you defend yourselves, or anything you need; just take it for granted that we have your back. And this also applies to everyone out there. Black, white, or any other color, if you need us, we are there.

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Some of the people commenting on their Facebook page are outraged over their support for law enforcement, like one person who claims her husband’s job as a school teacher is way more dangerous than that of a law enforcement officer. A Facebook user mocks the teacher’s wife, saying that the next time a burglary is in process, they’ll be sure to call a teacher.

In their most recent Facebook post, The Local Fresh Grill of Paso suggests people who call their restaurant, threatening to burn it to the ground, turn off their caller ID.

We support our LEO’s. Phew! Who new these patriotic, simple words could start such a storm. I am simply amazed at the number of people that hate our society, but equally impressed with the number of true Americans and patriots that came to our defense. We have had calls from deputies in Canada, detectives in NY city, ashamed people in Washington state and DC, and everywhere in between. You people make me proud. So, to you haters out there, we will never crumble or cave in to your childishness and threats. You just make us stronger. For more information about the sleeping giant you have awoken, go to https://www.wesupportlawenforcement.org

P.S. for those of you that are calling to tell us you are going to burn our restaurant to the ground, please use your brain and block your caller ID.

Most of the comments on the restaurant’s Facebook page are positive and encouraging:

This woman responded to the Local Fresh Grill Restaurant’s decision to offer safe harbor to law enforcement by thanking them, saying : “One of my brothers and his wife ( both retired last year from the StPaul PD ) and my other brother is a Minneapolis PO now -I thank you for backing the Blue!! It hurts me deeply that so many people think all cops are bad!! My brother has been honored by MADD year after year for all his DUI arrests keeping Minneapolis safe!! What next?!?! The drunks will be going after them for singling our drunks?!?! I haven’t been to your place yet but you’ll be seeing us real soon!! Thank you again!!!”

A regular customer had this to say about the Florida restaurant’s decision: From the very bottom of my heart, I thank you for your stance on law enforcement when so many businesses cave to the PC pressure. I’ve enjoyed your food and the staff. Keep up the good work.

Another Facebook user wrote: Ron there is so much hate in our country & community. You are doing a wonderful thing for our police … which if the ignorant people commenting knew anything … our law enforcement agencies are comprised of men & women of all colors.
They are being unfairly attacked over the horrific action of 1 + 3 officers.
Keep up your kindness!
Thank you for your service too!
🇺🇸 🇺🇸🇺🇸

A Georgia police officer had this to say: I’m a officer in Georgia and I just want to say thank you!

The person posting on behalf of the Local Fresh Grill responded to the GA Police officer by saying, “No, thank you!”

When one person threatened the restaurant would go out of business for supporting law enforcement, the owner replied:

I wish I could see the disappointment in your troubled heart when you read this. We had the best Friday we have had in over a year, and money is pouring in to buy our officers dinner from as far away as California and Washington> Sorry to burst your bubble, but I have had threats for years from insignificant dweebs like you. And guess what, You are always wrong. You see, no one really cars about you or your juvenile opinions

Finally, the owner of  The LOCAL FRESH GRILL of Pasco responded to all of the haters, saying: Oh, for anyone left still believing this is about George Floyd or racism, I’ll bet dollars to donuts, I am one of the few white men that had no problem living in a totally black community where I was the only white person for miles. I owned apartments in Savannah and lived in one of my apartments for a couple years while renovating. My neighbor, Josie, used to bring me BBQ all the time and tell me, :Don’t you worry Mr Ron, Josie’s got your back. Won’t nobody =mess with you while I am here”.

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