Some parents in one Florida county claim to have received strange phone calls over the weekend.

The bizarre calls went out to several families of students living in Flagler County, Florida, where parents were reportedly told that their students were on a “list”, because they “may” have been exposed to someone who “may” have covid.

Because their kids were possibly exposed to other kids that possibly had covid, parents were told their students would not be allowed to return to the classroom till they passed a series of Covid-19 tests.

The school was also pulling kids out of classrooms that were supposedly around other infected kids, and putting them in isolation while their parents were called and told to come and get them immediately.

The Epoch Times reports, On Aug. 8, Jessico Bowman—a director of the Florida Liberty Caucus—received a call from a person who claimed she was from the “health department.” She would not give her name. Nor would she identify which “health department” she represented.

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“I regret to inform you that your daughter may have been exposed to COVID,” the woman said.

“I don’t have a daughter,” Bowman told the woman. “I have a son.”

When Bowman asked what “list” she was talking about the woman said “it was just this list” she was given and she explained that her son “may have been exposed” to someone “who may have COVID.” When she asked what she meant by “may have” and asked when her son was “exposed,” the woman said she could not tell her anything except that her son “has been placed on a list.”

The woman then asked if her son had been vaccinated. Bowman refused to provide that information.

The woman then told Bowman if her son “could provide a vaccine card,” proving he is vaccinated, he could “go back to normal” and return to class on Monday. Otherwise, he would not be allowed to go back to school for four days, and if he “doesn’t get tested, it would be eight days.”

The next day Bowmans’ son went to the bus stop but the bus never arrived. So Bowman drove her son to school. Later that morning, the school nurse called to say her son had “been quarantined and will be isolated” unless she comes to pick him up. The nurse reiterated that the child had been “exposed,” to COVID-19 and was “on a list,” so, “he needed to be picked up immediately.”

“No one will tell us what this ‘list’ is and they keep telling me my son ‘may’ have been exposed to COVID or ‘may’ have been in close contact with someone who ‘may’ have had COVID. So my son starts texting me saying ‘you need to come get me. They have me in a COVID room and there’s someone monitoring us so we can’t talk to other kids.’”

“My son felt like he was in school suspension like he had done something wrong,” Bowman said. “They were very rude to him and the school has already apologized to me for that.”

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Ms. Bowman said she received an email from the principal, apologizing for the way her son was treated, while also informing her that her son would continue to be excused from school till a specified date “until we hear something different from the DOH (Department of Health).”

Other families are reporting similar stories. They’re being told to quarantine their kids at home, while other kids are being pulled from class and waiting to be picked up. Children report being asked whether or not they are vaccinated, shamed if they weren’t – praised if they were.

The Florida Republican Liberty Caucus noticed that only certain families are being targeted and they all have one thing in common:

“I have several FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests out,” Tim Sharp, Vice Chair of the Florida Republican Liberty Caucus, told The Epoch Times. “I’m looking for communication from the health department to the school regarding the Bowmans’ son, specifically what was said and where the information came from. I want to see exactly what that communication looked like, who it came from and when it was sent to see if it was a coordinated event.”

According to Sharp, “many other parents around town were asked about their children’s vaccination status.”

“I’ve spoken to two other parents whose children were asked,” Sharp said, adding that “the common thread is every student that’s being asked has as a religious exemption.”

“Different schools, different ages, different parts of town and that’s the only commonality,” Sharp said of the telling coincidence. “They have a religious exemption. Something’s going sideways somewhere.”

Things are getting uglier by the minute, and as one angry parent put it, “This is going to boil over.”

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