As the United States has moved on from Covid-19, the effects of lockdowns and reduced travel have continued to nag airlines throughout the country as they struggle to keep up with an increase in demand.

Biden Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has repeatedly claimed that he is working to solve the problem and would have it resolved by the holidays this year.

In September, he said that he was working with airlines to improve service after a spate of cancellations over the summer that left many Americans’ travel plans in jeopardy.

His plans did not come to fruition as Americans faced disaster attempting to get to and from holiday destinations this Christmas.

One airline in particular, Southwest, canceled over 15,000 flights in a little over a one-week span, leaving hundreds of thousands of Americans stranded for days and unable to spend the holidays with their families.

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FOX News Reports

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Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is being ripped for his response to the airline meltdown that left thousands of people stranded on Christmas after he assured Americans just months ago that ongoing air travel issues would improve before the holidays.

During a September appearance on “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” Buttigieg said he was increasing pressure on U.S. airlines after travelers experienced an expensive and chaotic summer.

“I think it’s gonna get better by the holidays,” the transportation secretary said at the time. “We’re really pressing the airlines to deliver better service. So many people have been delayed, been canceled, it happened to me several times this summer. And the fact is they need to be ready to service the tickets that they’re selling.”

“If you’ve ever been mistreated by an airline, if they haven’t given you the refund they owe you, if they haven’t lived up to their customer service obligations, we will have your back,” he said.

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