It’s funny what they say about “people in glass houses”…Hillary Clinton might want to take a look at the video below where she’s talking about Lenny Kravitz’s penis. Yep, Hillary and Lena Dunham have a little girl talk about the time Kravitz split his pants and his “stuff fell out”. Clinton said, “I’ll look for that” when Dunham told her it was on Youtube. 

So, is turnabout fair play in this case? We can pick the candidates to death OR we can get down to the business of talking about policy and the differences in the two candidates running to be the leader of the US for the next four years. We think we need to get down to what REALLY matters to Americans…THE ISSUES!

Dunham interviewed Clinton in 2015 and the topic of Kravitz’s “wardrobe malfunction” during a Stockholm concert, viewable here, came up.

“Did you see the footage when his pants split?” Dunham asked Clinton.

“No, I missed that,” she replied.

“I mean, his stuff fell out of his pants,” Dunham said.

“Yeah, you think I could get that,” Clinton said, with Dunham adding, “You can get that on YouTube.”

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“It’s on YouTube? Good, I’ll look for that,” Clinton said.

If Donald Trump had said something similar on camera, wouldn’t it be considered “locker room talk,” if not more?

Via: American Mirror

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