America has a BIG problem being ignored by the main stream media…radical Islam is at our doorstep and is growing every day within our borders. Our government is responsible for bringing in these Muslim refugees…Isn’t our government supposed to protect its citizens?

Do the citizens of the state of Ohio know how many Muslim refugees have been brought there in the past few years?


Ohio has been receiving over 2,000 refugees a year since 2012, and all told in the last ten years it received 21,230. (See data base here) I was surprised to find it that high. For comparison Delaware hardly gets any (zero in 2014) and Texas is getting over 7,000 a year.

In fiscal year 2014, Ohio received the 7th highest number of refugees in the country.

The Obama Administration and the politically Far Left federal resettlement contractors probably recognize the electoral value of Ohio, so they want to make sure it becomes a reliably Democrat-voting state.

The states higher on the 2014 list than Ohio (2,815) in the last fiscal year are in descending order: Texas, California, New York, Michigan, Florida and Arizona.

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In the ten year analysis, the Bhutanese (6,607) saw the highest number of their ethnic group settled in Ohio followed by Somalis (5,611). Iraqis were next with 2,617. Remember though that especially with the Somalis, Ohio likely saw the Somali number increase more rapidly as secondary migrants (resettled elsewhere in the US) went to mostly Columbus to join their fellow Somalis to establish a large Somali enclave there. The secondary migrants are not reflected in that 5,611 number.

The years with the highest number of Somalis resettled were 2005 and 2006 (Bush years!).

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Most Somalis were resettled in Columbus (over 4,700 of the over 5,000) with Cleveland getting 322 directly resettled there from Africa. But, interestingly 21 other towns and cities got Somalis, albeit in smaller numbers. READ MORE: REFUGEE RESETTLEMENT WATCH

With the terror attack at Ohio State University today your attention is once again on the Muslim refugees and radical Muslims in our midst. The press will quickly discount the attack or try and spin the obvious case of radical Islam to dumb it down to a “troubled” young man. Don’t buy it! Europe has been doing the same thing with every terror attack. They claim the terrorist is a “disturbed” individual and has nothing to do with Islam. America is smarter than that…this is yet another wake up call to us to stop refugee resettlement NOW! 


Zakia Nasrin was a promising student growing up in a pleasant suburb of Columbus, Ohio, after arriving here with her family in 2000 from Bangladesh. She graduated high school as valedictorian. She later enrolled at Ohio State University in a pre-med program after marrying Jaffrey Khan, who grew up in a tony neighborhood in Silicon Valley.

In May 2014, Zakia, Jaffrey, and Zakia’s younger brother Rasel Raihan traveled to the capital city of the Islamic State: Raqqa, Syria. According to U.S. intelligence officials, Rasel was killed there.

That’s the story related in a report published by NBC News on documents obtained from an ISIS defector showing registration forms of would-be fighters looking to join the group. The registration forms included 15 Americans; two were Jaffrey and Rasel:


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