Omarosa Manigault, who prefers to go by only her first name, absolutely embarrassed and destroyed the nasty Joy Behar on “The View.” Donald Trump hired Omarosa after she was a contestant on his “The Apprentice” show. She was a loyal supporter of Donald Trump’s throughout his campaign and was the director of African-American Engagement for his campaign. Manigault was recently hired as an assistant to the President and director of communications for the Office of Public Liaison, where she focused on issues such as community outreach. 

Omarosa held her own, as Joy Behar’s claws came out and black co-host Sonny Hostin accuses her of being “used for optics” because she’s a black woman. Omarosa, who is clearly offended by Sonny’s accusation that she is being “used” as “token black” hits back hard, by telling her the kinds of odds she overcame to rise to a top position Trump’s corporation, and now in his administration.

The best line of the entire interview comes at the end when Omarosa introduces her fiancé who’s sitting in the audience. Joy Behar continues to interrupt her as she tries repeatedly to introduce him. A frustrated Omarosa then turns to the very nasty Joy Behar and says, “I hope that you one day Joy can find that kind of ‘joy’ in your life.” Co-host Sonny Hostin quickly uses Michelle Obama’s hilarious and hypocritical line, “When they go low we go high” in response to Omarosa’s awesome response to the nasty co-host Joy Behar.


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