Kanye West announced on Twitter this week that he’s $53 million in debt. He immediately began begging for help from white billionaires. The very next day, West took to Twitter to announce he doesn’t want “White publications” covering black musicians anymore. HOW and WHY does this racist black rapper get a pass from the media after making such clearly racist and ignorant comments?  Watch the video below to see West’s interview with SaturdayNightOnline.com host Garrett, as he compares his dangerous career as a rapper to that of a cop on patrol or soldier at war.

“I’m putting my life at risk, literally! When I think about when I’m on the Can’t Tell Me Nothing, and Coldest Winter moment, like that mountain goes really, really high. And if I slipped…you never know. And I think about it. I think about my family and I’m like, wow, this is like being a police officer or something, in war or something.”

It’s pretty sad that a guy with no talent has been given so much opportunity in America, and has literally blown it because he can’t keep his big fat, hateful racist mouth shut.

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