The propaganda surrounding Israel is THICK right now.

It’s critical we question everything pushed by mainstream media AND social media influencers.

In the past, the global elite and intelligence agencies have utilized psychological operations to steer public opinion to supporting war.

Don’t think they won’t try the same playbook again.

We have no idea how much footage is authentic vs staged.


Every news story and accompanying imagery will violently tug at your emotions to manipulate you.

Pro-Israel and pro-Palestine supporters have uploaded videos and posts claiming that each side is viciously attacking “babies.”

The breaking story Tuesday was the discovery of 40 dead babies in Israel, with some allegedly beheaded.

Israeli-based i24NEWS first reported the story.

Correspondent Nicole Zedek took the word of Israeli soldiers with no physical evidence to back the claims.


This report has spread like wildfire online.

Warmonger Meghan McCain shared the news report and told her followers you must choose the side of Israel or those who beheaded 40 babies.

Fox News and Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk shared the report without verification of its accuracy.

“NOTE: As with all wartime reporting, it’s important to remember there are lots of errors and misinformation swirling. But if it’s confirmed to be true, it’s one of the most atrocious wartime acts you’ll ever hear of,” Kirk said.

“Then why report it as fact if you don’t know it to be true yet? The disclaimer needs to be in the original post that none of this is confirmed,” Clandestine commented.

French journalist Margot Haddad, a former CNN international news field producer, claims she verified the story.

“That’s it, the information is out. It’s so macabre that no one wanted to reveal it until they had 100% confirmation. Infants and children under 2 years old were beheaded by Hamas in the Kibbutz of Kfar Aza. It is a horror, a massacre. For those asking for the source. They are multiple: Israeli army, internal intelligence service and atrocious images which reached me and which I was able to cross-check. But the best source remains this: courageous journalists from the foreign press who were able to see / agreed to see with their own eyes the bodies in Kfar Aza,” she said (translated).

Yet, some people remain skeptical of the “confirmation.”

“Margot Haddad, affiliated with National Endowment for Democracy-funded Coda Story, claims to “confirm” beheaded babies story, citing Israeli intelligence, soldiers, other foreign reporters and photos she claimed to have fact checked. Where are the photos, Margot? Or are you lying?” said Redacted correspondent Dan Cohen.

The Grayzone reported in 2020:

A shadowy neoconservative website called Coda Story has launched a smear campaign against American journalists who challenge new cold war propaganda. But what this publication has not disclosed is that it is funded by the US government, backed by the European Union, linked to the NATO war alliance, and part of a larger network of regime-change outfits that are bankrolled by Western governments and corporate oligarchs.

Launched in 2016, Coda Story markets itself as a brave counterweight to Chinese and Russian state-backed “disinformation.” This is quite ironic, because the website is itself financed by the regime-change arms of the US government and the European Union, and peddles disinformation of its own in support of Washington’s new cold war on Beijing and Moscow.

Clandestine also expressed skepticism about Haddad’s report.


“This confirms absolutely nothing. Body bags could be filled with anything. How does this prove that babies were beheaded?” he asked.

Make no mistake.

Both sides will attempt to use the brutal death of babies to manipulate your emotions.

Here’s an example from a pro-Palestine supporter.

“Israelis celebrating the deaths of babies. The Zionist have showed their true face. The pro-Palestine side would never do this,” she said.

In regard to the legitimacy of the beheaded babies in Israel, we cannot confirm these reports.

We’re not denying there is actual death and destruction taking place.

However, we cannot independently confirm these reports.

It’s extremely important to question everything.

Whether or not this story is true or false, it will be used to justify war.

That is a guarantee.

One infamous example is Nayirah’s false testimony in 1990 that spurred U.S. support in the Gulf War.

WLTReport noted:

Do they want Americans to be onboard with boots on the ground in Israel or Iran?

Let’s look back in history because the same technique was used before.

Back in 1990, a 15 year old Kuwaiti girl by the name of Nayirah gave her testimony and claimed that Iraqi soldiers were removing hundreds of babies from incubators and left them to die.

Her testimony was ultimately credited of helping push the U.S. into the Gulf War.

However, it was later revealed Nayirah’s testimony was false and was created by the big public relations firm Hill & Knowlton.

It was later discovered Nayirah was the daughter of the Kuwaiti Ambassador to the U.S.

From Citizen Truth:

In October 1990, a fifteen-year-old Kuwaiti girl gave a harrowing testimony before the Congressional Human Rights Caucus, recounting inhumane atrocities committed by Iraqi soldiers in her country. It was credited for helping draw the U.S. into the Gulf War later that year. Her claims were ultimately refuted by evidence to the contrary, exposing deceptive motives and sources behind the ploy.

Known as “Nayirah”, the girl told the caucus that Iraqi soldiers had removed scores of babies from incubators and left them to die. Her story was originally corroborated by Amnesty International and other evacuees of Kuwait at the time.


“Public relations” or “fake news”?

According to the New York Times in 1992, the girl’s testimony was actually orchestrated by the big public relations firm Hill & Knowlton on behalf of a client, the Kuwaiti-sponsored Citizens for a Free Kuwait. The client’s aim was to secure military support from the U.S. through raising awareness about the dangers posed to Kuwait by Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein.

The girl who gave the testimony was also revealed to be not just an ordinary civilian but the daughter of the Kuwaiti Ambassador to the U.S.

What led to the contested testimony? In 1990, after the firm was approached by a Kuwaiti expatriate in New York and agreed to collaborate with Citizens for a Free Kuwait, a $1 million study was conducted to determine the best way to win support for strong action.

The firm had the Wirthington Group conduct focus groups to determine the best strategy that would influence public opinion. The study found that an emphasis on atrocities, such as the incubator story, would be the most effective.

Hill & Knowlton is estimated to have been given as much as $12 million by the Kuwaitis for their public relations campaign.

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