Every single day for months on end, new evidence has been released that proves Hillary Clinton is a sociopathic liar. There may be some women who are willing to accept this fact and still vote for her, but what about her sexual predator husband who was impeached for lying about an affair he had with a young intern in our White House while serving as President of the United States?

The media went crazy when an audio tape was released of Donald J. Trump speaking inappropriately with another man in private about a married woman while he was still single. Where is the outrage over having a man who has been found guilty of lying about sexual relations with a young girl in the White House while he was married and while he was her boss? Where is the outrage over the multiple rape and sexual assault allegations that were made about Bill Clinton years ago? These woman have all confessed to being bullied and threatened by Hillary to keep their mouths shut about what her husband did to them.

For all of those too young to know about Bill Clinton and the kind of sick lying pervert he is, you will be stunned when you see this clip. For the rest of us, it’s a good reminder of the kind of scum we’re fighting so hard to keep out of our White House:

Do Democrats really care about the rights of women? Would the same women who would vote to put Bill back in the White House remain silent if their employer allowed a known sexual predator to freely roam the halls of their workplace?

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If you had a young daughter or granddaughter who took a job as an intern or worked in some capacity in our White House, would you trust this creepy old man to keep his hands off her?


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