In Flint, MI, a city where the majority of residents are black, a white Sheriff did something incredible tonight.

As tensions are rising across America, cities are burning, tear gas is flowing freely and stores are being looted, one sheriff did something so surprising and so incredible that it should give every American hope.

“You’ve got a voice—that’s it,” the unidentified sheriff told the crowd of Flint protesters. “Don’t’ think for a second that he represents who these cops are from all over the county and around the station. We go out there to help people, not to do that nonsense.

“We wanna be with you all for real. So, I took the helmet off and put down the baton. I wanna have a parade!”

“Listen, I just wanna tell ya, these cops love you!” he told them. “That cop over there,” he said pointing his finger, “he hugs people.”

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“So you just tell us what you want,” he told the protesters.

“Walk with us! Walk with us!” the crowd chanted.

“Okay,” he answered, as he smiled and turned to walk with the crowd.


It was a simple gesture, but one that went a long way with protesters in Flint, MI, an impoverished Michigan city that could use a little positivity.

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