Flint’s Democrat Mayor Karen Weaver is throwing a hissy fit over Trump’s “unannounced” visit to the broken, violent city of Flint, MI. Mayor Weaver is currently embroiled in a lawsuit after former City Administrator Natasha Henderson blew the whistle on her for allegedly trying to steer money from a charity for local families into a campaign fund. Henderson claims she was wrongfully fired for blowing the whistle on Hillary’s loyal minion, the mayor of the city of Flint. 


Donald Trump will be visiting the broken, violent city of Flint today, where he plans to visit a church and the Flint Water Treatment Plant.  But one of Hillary’s biggest cheerleaders won’t be throwing out the welcome mat…

Flint Mayor Karen Weaver says she’s baffled by the visit, and didn’t receive a call from Trump’s campaign ahead of time.

Does Trump need to get clearance from Hillary’s “de facto” Flint campaign manager before he can visit a violent and broken city that’s been destroyed for decades by Democrats?  

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“I would think, if you are very concerned about Flint and the people, you would contact the mayor and want to have a conversation about what’s going on – so that puts a question mark in my mind that I wasn’t even contacted or notified about something today about something tomorrow,” says Weaver.

Flint, MI home
Flint, MI home

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Weaver is in Washington D.C. and will not be in Flint during Trump’s visit.

“I had not been notified by Donald Trump or his people … finally, this afternoon, a call to my press person, but I did not know. These plans were made without contacting me.”

Her reaction when she was contacted by Trump’s campaign?

“That’s kind of not the way it’s supposed to go – I wish that he had come when things were in more dire straits – maybe before we had even received help — when the debates were going on. We were crying out for a long time.”


The fact that Trump didn’t rush to Flint, MI for a photo-op when Hillary and Bernie were making regular visits as part of their pandering for the Black vote effort in a city ignored for decades by Democrats, speaks volumes about Trump’s serious nature. Americans are getting to see firsthand how a successful businessman approaches serious issues vs. how a career politician promises to fix issues with no real plan to ever come back once the press packs it up and leaves these broken neighborhoods. Trump’s desire to create jobs for people who have been unemployed for decades is real and the Democrats biggest fear is that his message is resonating in these forgotten neighborhoods. 

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