The House Judiciary Committee went for it this week when they voted to hold Attorney General Bill Barr in contempt over refusing to release the unredacted Mueller Report.
Democrats are pushing forward with charging Barr with contempt and some want to go even further. Impeachment of Barr or even having the Sergeant at Arms arrest Barr. It wasn’t always like this. Democrats in 2012 flipped to opposing contempt when it was AG Holder on the hot seat for Fast and Furious.

Republicans in Congress held Holder in contempt for refusing to release documents. Democrats brazenly walked out when the contempt charge was voted on. They said the vote was “evil” and even called it a “political witch hunt.”

Chairman Jerry Nadler led the Judiciary Committee in the vote for contempt last week but flip-flopped in 2012 when he described the charge as shameful and politically-motivated.”

Nadler tweeted about the walkout to protest the contempt charge:

“Just joined the #walkout of the House chamber to protest the shameful, politically-motivated GOP vote holding AG Holder in contempt.” – House Judiciary Chairman Nadler

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