Florida Election Supervisor Brenda Snipes must think Americans don’t have any memory of her past run-ins during elections.  She just claimed this is the first time anyone questioned her abilities in all the years she’s been in charge of the elections in Broward County. We’ve got the list of facts (see below) that prove she has, in fact, been in hot water many, many times.

Listen to Snipes and ask yourself if she could so cooly tell this fib, what else would she do?

“I’ve worked here for about 15 years. I have to say this is the first time that this office or I have been under attacks.”

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Brenda Snipes should have been fired in 2016 by Governor Rick Scott but she wasn’t. Now, it’s coming back to bite him…

Tucker Carlson said it best last night when he explained how Democrats keep breaking rules and aren’t punished…Every time Republicans call them out on their lawlessness, they claim it’s because of their skin color. Republicans promptly back off because they’re more fearful of being called the “R” word than they are of never winning another election because of voter fraud.

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J. Christian Adams has the truth on what’s happening with our vote. He knows illegals, felons and others are allowed to vote in Broward. Snipes has not cleared them from the voting lists. Adams has been screaming about voter fraud for years. It’s real and it’s not just Florida. A short list below provided by Adams on Hannity last night proves Snipes has been in hot water…


Lisa Boothe gives us the lowdown on this woman at the :30 point…Yes, Snipes has been in hot water before:


The End Justifies The Means

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