Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed legislation to slash ‘climate change’ priorities in the state’s energy policy to combat the ‘radical climate agenda’ pushed by ‘green zealots.’

“The legislation I signed today—HB 1645, HB 7071, and HB 1331—will keep windmills off our beaches, gas in our tanks, and China out of our state. We’re restoring sanity in our approach to energy and rejecting the agenda of the radical green zealots. Furthermore, we’re going to ensure foreign adversaries like China have no foothold in our state,” DeSantis explained.

“Florida rejects the designs of the left to weaken our energy grid, pursue a radical climate agenda, and promote foreign adversaries,” DeSantis said.

DeSantis signed HB 1645, which “ensures a secure and reliable energy supply in Florida.”


Florida’s Voice reports:

The legislation updates various aspects of Florida’s energy policy and how different state departments are to implement their own policies surrounding it.

The proposal rescinds a phrase directing the state to address “the potential of global climate change.”

The bill also requires the state to study and evaluate the potential technical and economic advantages of using nuclear power technologies.

It also prohibits the expansion of certain green energy infrastructure in Florida, including offshore wind energy facilities and certain wind turbines.

Some of the bureaucratic revisions include requiring the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to be consistent with the state’s energy policy goals and priorities.

It additionally requires rural electric utilities to have at least one mutual aid agreement with another electric utility for purposes of restoring power after a natural disaster.

The legislation also encourages the expansion of natural gas resources throughout the state.

Unsurprisingly, mainstream media outlets criticized the Republican governor for dismissing the radical climate agenda.

Per The Guardian:

Florida is facing rising seas, extreme heat, flooding and increasingly severe storms.

The legislation takes effect on 1 July and also boosts expansion of natural gas, reduces regulations on gas pipelines in the state, and increases protections against bans on gas appliances such as stoves, according to a news release from the governor’s office.

“This purposeful act of cognitive dissonance is proof that the governor and state legislature are not acting in the best interests of Floridians, but rather to protect profits for the fossil fuel industry,” said Yoca Arditi-Rocha, executive director of the non-profit Cleo Institute, which advocates for climate change education and engagement.

“Florida remains heavily dependent on natural gas for power generation, and the science is clear that burning more of it will contribute to climate change, potentially worsening the state’s flooding and heat problems. Overheating ocean waters are fueling stronger hurricanes, and when they hit, rising sea levels make storm surge more destructive,” The Washington Post wrote.

“The state’s summers have always been sizzling, but it’s now experiencing more days of extreme heat. Miami had a 34-day run of 90-degree weather last year — its fourth-longest on record,” the outlet added.

From The Washington Post:

“I’m not in the pews of the church of the global warming leftists. I’m just not,” he said on the 2018 campaign trail. As a presidential candidate, his economic plan called for weakening permitting requirements and ending emissions regulations to speed up oil and gas production. He staged the announcement at an oil rig site in Texas where he described the Biden administration’s climate policies as “part of an agenda to control you and to control our behavior.”

He has also taken aim at local efforts to protect people from the effects of climate, signing a law last month that bars cities and counties from writing regulations to protect outdoor workers from extreme heat. This is a growing problem in a state where construction and agriculture are huge industries.

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