A Florida attorney is touring beaches dressed as the Grim Reaper to protest Governor DeSantis reopening Florida beaches. Daniel Uhlfelder is intimidating beachgoers and bullying them into leaving the beach because he believes it’s not safe to go out due to coronavirus:

“Today, I began touring Florida as the Grim Reaper to remind Floridians of the importance that we stay home and protect one another. This is just the beginning. Thank you for the support received from all over the world.”

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The ironic thing is that he’s on the beach just like everyone else who is there. He even took the mic during a local newscast to make a statement against going to the beach (see video below).

What looks like an effort to raise public awareness is really an effort to raise $20k for Democrats. The promo for his tour is connected to Act Blue.

Act Blue is a leftist nonprofit fundraising platform for campaigns and organizations. This is really a publicity stunt by Democrats.

The video below is from a local newscast where Uhlfelder speaks against going to the beach. Ironically, a tweet back to Uhlfelder from an Australian man contradicts all of the Florida lawyer’s claims (see below).

“Can someone tell the grim reaper that beaches have been open in Queensland, Australia the whole time and we’ve had six deaths out of 5 million people? Not only have they been opened, but they’ve also been packed. The virus doesn’t seem to like sunlight.”


The people on the beach weren’t happy with Uhlfelder’s stunt:

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