Independent journalist and GOP Congressional candidate Laura Loomer is hosting a huge rally this afternoon in support of President Trump in “The Villages” in Florida.

Here’s the LIVE video coverage of the event showing Trump supporters shouting messages of support and yelling, “Down with Ron Sanctimonious!”

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Passerby’s are honking their horns, and Trump flags are flying as people hang their heads out the window of vehicles going by shouting, “Trump 2024!”


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Citizen Free Press is at the rally in support of President Trump as well. Many of the supporters are wearing t-shirts that read: “Donald Trump Did Nothing Wrong!” Sadly, these t-shirts could’ve been worn on numerous occasions throughout President Trump’s four years in office, as he was undeniably the most falsely accused President in the history of the United States, beginning with Hillary Clinton and the DNC’s witch hunt that was orchestrated with the Deep State and ending with blaming President Trump for the breach of the Capitol on January 6.

Another rally in support of President Trump is taking place in front of his Mar-a-Lago home in Palm Beach, Fl.

Liberals like “DutchessPrim” are not happy to see the support for President Trump.

Nick Papantonis of WFTV reported on the Trump rally outside of Mar-a-Lago today:

Many people described their presence outside Mar-a-Lago today as a personal mission.

President Trump, they said, stands at the intersection of faith, country, and freedom to them.

If Trump is arrested this week, they told me it’s still part of God’s greater plan.

Here are a few photos taken by Reuters of Trump supporters showing their support for him outside of Mar-a-Lago:

Trump’s support only seems to be building as more and more false accusations and charges are made against him by politically motivated members of our judicial system.

Supporters at The Villages and in various cities and small towns across the United States are showing their support for President Trump after he announced on his Truth social media site that he would be arrested today following yet another witch hunt, this time, by the Soros-funded, soft-on-crime Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg who boasted about using his position to get Trump while campaigning. Today, it was announced that Trump’s arraignment would take place next week, possibly on Wednesday.

Could the lack of support for President Trump hurt support for Governor Ron DeSantis’ yet-to-be-announced run for President in his home state of Florida?

Many former supporters of Governor Ron DeSantis are dropping their support for him after he ignored Trump’s upcoming arrest for what liberal lawyer Alan Dershowitz calls a misdemeanor at best.

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