Here we go again…another day, another CNN-watching Trump hater lashing out at a fellow American…

A misguided leftist who has totally bought into the fake news narrative that Trump is a Putin Puppet, just spit on a man and slapped his MAGA hat. Not to worry. Justice was served.

Our corrupt government and the media are to blame for the Russian lie and for the division that’s happening in America over the fake news pumped out against President Trump every day.

 Newsweek reports that a Florida man has been arrested after he spat on a man and slapped his “Make American Great Again” (MAGA) hat, according to police.

Matthias Ajple, 43, approached MAGA hat-wearing Robert Youngblood, 67, at a restaurant in the city of Vero Beach on Friday evening, according to an arrest affidavit.

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Youngblood told an Indian River County Sheriff’s Office deputy he was sitting at the bar of Hurricane Grill on 943 15th Place with two friends when Ajple walked over and said: “You should go back to Russia, you f*cking communist.”

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Ajple then slapped the brill of Youngblood’s hat, before leaning over a gate and spitting on him, the victim claimed. The suspect then left the scene.

The man was arrested after mounds of evidence including the video from the bar clearly showed the attack. The anti-Trump man said he didn’t care if he was arrested. He added that “Trump supporters are communist and racist.”


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