Keisha King, a Florida mother of two,  isn’t going to sit back and remain silent when it comes to educating her kids and the children in her community. Stepping up to the microphone before the Duval County Public Schools Board in Jacksonville, Ms. King let her rip, making more sense than one would normally expect to hear during a school board meeting.  She didn’t mince words when she stated, “Telling my child, or any child, that they are in a permanently oppressed status because they are black is racist”.

Reading from a prepared statement on her phone, Keisha King made her thoughts clear:
CTR teaches “hate” and is “racist”.

Ms. King finished strong saying: “Our ancestors, white, black and others, hung, bled and died right alongside each other to push America towards that more perfect union. If this continues, we will look back and be responsible for the dismantling of the greatest country in the world by reverting to teaching hate and that race is a determining factor on where your destiny lies. Thank you,”.

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