The Florida Republican Assembly has issued a declaration demanding Gov. Ron DeSantis end his presidential campaign and rededicate himself to his duties to the men and women of the Sunshine State.

Ron DeSantis’ presidential campaign has been a disaster from day one.

He needed a Florida law changed to run for president while remaining governor of the state.

After his tumultuous campaign failed to gain traction amongst Republicans, the Florida Republican Assembly wants him refocused on his gubernatorial duties.

The declaration reads:


WHEREAS, Governor Ron DeSantis was elected to serve the people of the State of Florida and to complete his four-year term, and

WHEREAS, Governor Ron DeSantis has been using his position as Governor to campaign for the office of the President of the United States, taking him away from his official duties and responsibilities to the citizens of Florida, frequently at taxpayer expense, and

WHEREAS, Governor DeSantis’ Presidential campaign has been met with a lack of enthusiasm by voters nationally and has not gained any significant momentum, in fact to the contrary and

WHEREAS, Governor DeSantis’ Presidential campaign has caused a distraction in the mechanism of government within Florida and the interests of Florida residents have been placed secondary to those of his presidential campaign. Public issues in dire need of attention or correction are the following; home owners and auto insurance of which premiums have sky rocketed, banning the jab (no mandatory required vaccines), correction of omissions and defects in the 2022 open carry legislation, legislation prohibiting any presence of non-Florida law enforcement agency’s such “the Capitol Police” within Florida, demands for justice for the January 6, Washington D.C. political prisoners of whom on a daily basis more and more hidden exculpatory evidence continues to surface indicating that January 6 was indeed a 2020 Pelosi / Schumer sponsored uniquely American replay of the 1933 Berlin Reichstag fire. Additionally, legislation prohibiting Florida’s assimilation into the World Economic Forum (WEF), the World Health Organization (WHO), and the United Nations based Vienna Organization falsely known for implying its advocacy of security and cooperation (OSCE/ODIHR) but in reality, known for unlawful interference in elections. And for strengthening and enforcement of protections against unlawful and corrupt persecution and prosecution of American citizens. All these and more are issues in need of immediate action by Governor DeSantis.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Florida Republican Assembly urges Governor Ron DeSantis to conclude his presidential campaign and return to Florida to continue to serve out the remainder of his term as Governor. Furthermore, the Florida Republican Assembly requests that Governor DeSantis rededicate himself to the needs of Florida residents and prioritize their interests over his personal political ambitions. The Florida Republican Assembly recognizes that campaigning for office is an important aspect of the political process, but elected officials must always prioritize the needs of their constituents. We call upon Governor DeSantis and all elected officials of Florida to fulfill their duties with integrity and commitment to the people. Public service is a privilege, not a career advancement opportunity, and elected officials must always place the interests of their constituents first.

WITNESS, my hand and seal verifying the forgoing resolution adopted by unanimous vote, this 27th day of October, in the year of our Lord 2023.

Here’s the declaration:


“The Florida Republican Assembly just passed a resolution calling on GOVERNOR @RonDeSantis TO TERMINATE HIS PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN & RETURN TO FLORIDA TO DO HIS JOB!” investigative reporter Laura Loomer wrote.

“To summarize: You lost, have neglected your duties, and need to come home and be a governor,” Rich Baris commented.

“Ron DeSantis time to gracefully bow out and come back home to Florida. It is very clear, your campaign is on the rocks, your support back home is waning rapidly, and now is the time to complete what you committed to doing for the people of Florida. All good Rob (I mean Ron) and we do look forward to seeing you finish your governorship strong,” Mike Flynn wrote.


Newsweek reports:

Gov. Ron DeSantis has been urged by a group of Florida Republicans to end his 2024 primary campaign so he can concentrate on his role as governor.

The Florida Republican Assembly, a grassroots political organization, issued a declaration calling for DeSantis to return to the role he was reelected to in November 2022 and to “complete his four-year term” as Florida governor.

The declaration, confirmed by the group on social media, suggested that DeSantis’ presidential campaign has “caused a distraction” and that the interests of Florida’s residents have been “placed secondary” to his White House bid.

The group also said that DeSantis’ 2024 campaign is not generating any positive poll results, nor has it gained any “significant momentum” since it officially launched in May.

For months, DeSantis was seen as the ideal replacement for former President Donald Trump to lead the Republican Party into the next election, with several people, including some within the GOP, blaming the influence of the former president on the party’s poor 2022 midterm performance.

However, DeSantis continues to trail Trump by massive margins in the polls, with his floundering campaign dogged by a series of controversies, concerns about his ability to charm voters, and a lack of funds heading into the primaries.

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