Stealing Christmas gift from poor kids is about as bad as it gets…
Polk County, FL Sheriff Grady Judd at least takes some solace in knowing this real-life Grinch and welfare leech is behind bars:

“We’re excited that she’s in jail,” he added. “It makes my Christmas a happy Christmas and a merry Christmas to know that this Grinch who was stealing those toys intended for children is locked up.”

Sheriff Grady Judd laid into a woman who is accused of filing 28 fraudulent applications for free toys from Toys for Tots.

Local press reports Tammy Strickland, 38, allegedly invented identities for 140 children and 28 adults to collect a gargantuan yuletide haul from Toys for Tots, a charity that provides Christmas gifts for needy children. She was arrested by undercover detectives when she arrived at the organization’s warehouse to make off with her spoils.


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“Are you kidding me? Come on girl,” an incredulous Grady told press, juxtaposing a picture of the Grinch with Strickland’s mug shot. “You drive a Cadillac, you steal toys from kids, and the federal government is giving you $511 a month. Wow.”

Strickland has been charged with grand theft, 28 counts of providing false statement to obtain property, 28 counts of obtaining property by fraud, and 164 counts of creating, using, and possessing counterfeit identification. – Daily Caller

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