The Florida Superintendent of Schools for Okaloosa County Marcus Chambers released a video in support of President Trump, causing a firestorm of support and outrage on social media.

Marcus Chambers also spoke out against Joe Biden’s comments from last week saying that “you ain’t black” if you can’t decide between Biden and Trump for president.

Joe Biden’s comments that #youaintblack if you vote for President Trump are hurtful, divisive, and irresponsible. I’m proud of my Black heritage, I’m proud to be an American, and I’m proud to support

Chambers is an exceptional leader in his community who has served in education for many years. A portion of his bio from the Okaloosa Schools website:

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Mr. Chambers learned early in his life the direct and powerful impact an individual can have on his society through lessons from his father, a decorated Veteran in the United States Air Force and after retirement, an ROTC Instructor. Mr. Chambers’ father, Chief Les Chambers, was even recognized in the Florida House of Representatives in 2009 for his dedicated service to his community and country. Chief Chambers passed this commitment and passion to give back to his community on to his son. Mr. Chambers, like his father, is passionate about helping his community and was awarded the Southern Hero Award for Outstanding Community Service and Leadership in 2010. Mr. Chambers coaches children’s teams in basketball and baseball and is a Mentor in Okaloosa County Schools.

As expected, Chambers was slammed on social media for his support of the president. He will be attacked and vilified now by those in the black community who want him to support Joe Biden. Pray for Marcus Chambers. He’ll need every bit of our support.

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