When she’s not banging a metal object against her own head, she’s probably out marching for women’s rights… 

People faking an injury to get a big payout from workers’ compensation: It’s a problem you could be paying for.

Several bills addressing changes to Florida’s workers’ compensation system were filed this legislative session as businesses here face a nearly 15-percent rate increase, and fraud could play a role in rates rising over time.

In one example of workers’ comp fraud out of Fort Lauderdale, a woman picked up a sprinkler head after it had fallen on her desk, then hit herself in the head with it to stage an on-the-job injury.

Her employer’s insurance company got suspicious and referred the incident to Florida’s Division of Investigative and Forensic Services. Detectives requested security cam footage and were able to prove she staged the whole thing.

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The employee, Sheyla Veronica White, was convicted for workers’ compensation insurance fraud — a third-degree felony — and sentenced to 18 months of probation.

She didn’t have to pay any restitution because they caught the claim before any benefits went out to her. –FOX 13

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