An organization on Twitter called “#Bash the Fash” is promoting violence against supposed Trump “fascists”

Note in the flyer below that the words “BASH THE FASH” are inserted:

The UNC campus has become like most other brainwashed campuses in the US these days…angry and violent. A flyer was found by a student concerned about the clear message it sends. Harming Trump supporters only turns people away from the Democrats…Keep it up guys! Looking forward to 2020!


Last November, the UNC campus was full of angry students who were unhappy with Trump’s election…

 On November 23rd of last year, UNC protesters gathered at the iconic Old Well on the campus, chanting “Donald Trump can go to Hell, but we are going to the Well.”

The intersection, normally taken over by students to celebrate sports victories a few times a year, was soon occupied by dozens of protesters chanting lines like “black lives matter,” “water is life,” and “love trumps hate.”

What’s gotten into our youth? Why so angry and why so unAmerican?

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Via: Campus Reform

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