In what had to be a spectacularly embarrasing interview on Chris Cuomo’s CNN show, former attorney general Michael Mukasey, schooled the smug liberal host about who can and cannot indict the President and even broke down how many branches of government we have in the United States.

Former AG  Michael Mukasey: Consider this—He’s being investigated for a crime that didn’t happen, and that he certainly didn’t commit.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo: Who said it didnt’ happen? Cuomo asked. He continued, “Russian interference happened.”

Mukasey continued, “Russian interference happened, for sure. But cooperation and conspiracy, between the Trump campaign and the Russians, did not happen.

To the criminal level, no, says Mr. Mueller.

Former AG  Michael Mukasey:To any level.

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Uh…I don’t know about that. But to criminal level.

Former AG  Michael Mukasey: I do. And there’s an investigation going on. Not for a month or six months, but for close to two years. And his administration is laboring under that shadow of that investigation.

But this was a special counsel, and it was put together by Rosenstein because he wanted it separate from the DOJ because of what he saw…

Former AG  Michael Mukasey: It’s not separate from the DOJ, it’s within the DOJ.

I know. But as a mechanism, I know it’s under the DOJ. I understand why the guidelines are written, I understand why the guidelines are written…because we didn’t like what the independent counsel…

Former AG  Michael Mukasey: It’s not just a guideline. We have three branches of government. This is within the executive. We don’t sprout a new branch of government.

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I know, but what your friend did….is not just by the book. He took it on himself to decide this ruling. He didn’t have to do that.

Former AG  Michael Mukasey: Of course he had to do it.


Former AG  Michael Mukasey: Who was gonna decide whether to indict or not?

Congress, as a political matter. Leave it to them.

Former AG  Michael Mukasey: They decide whether to impeach or not.

And Mike, you’re skipping a big point. Which you taught me about very early on. They can’t indict him. That is the opinion from the OLC. So, there is nothing to decide on that level, it’s purely political.

Former AG  Michael Mukasey: Congress doesn’t indict. Congress can impeach

I know, I’m using it as a metaphor here.

Former AG  Michael Mukasey:But you’re misleading a lot of people here. You have a big audience.

(Cuomo smugly laughs)

Former AG  Michael Mukasey: Getting smaller by the minute.


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