The Foo Fighters had to postpone a concert that was scheduled for last Saturday in LA after a positive Covid19 case was confirmed within the band’s fully vaccinated organization.

The band had only recently begun touring again, playing large venues strictly for the fully vaccinated, and requiring that concert attendees show proof of vaccination upon entry to their shows.

In an ironic twist of fate, a breakthrough case was discovered among one of the Foo crew, all of which have reportedly received either the single-dose J&J shot or two or the other options.  The positive test forced the band to postpone the LA show.

Foo Fighters posted news of the cancellation on Twitter without specifying who in the organization had contracted the virus.:

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Breakthrough cases of Covid are on the rise. As of July 12, the CDC reported 5,492 cases of fully vaccinated people which resulted in hospitalization and/or death. Last week the New York Yankees vs Red Sox series opener was canceled after fully vaccinated players tested positive.

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From  The Defender,

A breakthrough case refers to anyone who is diagnosed with Covid19 after being fully vaccinated. A person is considered fully vaccinated two weeks after receiving the second dose of either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine or two weeks after receiving the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine

In May, the CDC revised its system for reporting breakthrough cases, stating it would count only those cases that result in hospitalization or death. Previously, the agency had included in its breakthrough count anyone who tested positive for COVID.

Some states follow the new CDC guidance for counting breakthrough cases. Other states continue to report, at the state level, all cases where an individual tests positive, but may choose to report only hospitalizations and deaths to the CDC..

The methods being used to determine not only breakthrough cases, but vaccine-caused side effects, and deaths are most certainly the opposite of what the CDC did during the “pandemic”, where virtually EVERY death was labeled as a Covid death.

Here’s one article from last year, and there are many, that illustrates the double standard being deployed by the CDC in the way in which they tally vaccine-caused deaths compared to how they counted Corona Virus deaths.

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