Michael Conger was arrested by Eustis police once on a violation of a probation warrant and Jeremy Robertson had never been arrested by the Marion County Sheriff’s Dept., They only knew of Robertson’s whereabouts after a tip came in to inform them that he was in the area and had a criminal history. Based on their past history with this particular Sheriff’s Department, it’s easy to see why they had a bone to pick with them…or maybe they just caught the F*#k the police fever? 

Thanks for placing a bullseye on the backs of our law enforcement officers Barack…  


Marion County sheriff’s deputies seized 22 firearms after receiving a tip that a rocket-propelled grenade launcher and missiles would be used against Eustis police, St. Mary of the Lakes Catholic Church and a local Elk’s Club.

The weapons, along with several containers of black powder, marijuana, powdered and crack cocaine, prescription pills, scales, other drug paraphernalia and two bulletproof vests were found in a Marion County shed, authorities said Monday.

Deputies said they received information that the occupants of the shed intended to use the rocket launcher on the Eustis Police Department on Monday because of recent run-ins with officers.


Eustis Police Chief Fred Cobb told Local 6, however, that he was blindsided by the threat because his department had little to no contact with two men arrested in the case.


Cobb said Christopher Michael Conger was arrested by Eustis police on a violation of probation warrant. Cobb said that his department knows about Jeremy Robertson only because his staff received a tip notifying them that he was in the area and was known to carry drugs and weapons.

“It’s a reminder for the public that we serve that this is a dangerous profession,” Cobb said. “Even in small-town U.S.A., Eustis, Florida.”

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