Have you seen this before?

One of the biggest pieces of the 9/11 puzzle that never made sense was Building 7.

Building 7 redpilled a lot of people.

Building 7 was NOT hit by a plane.

It was also not next to the Twin Towers.

Understand where Building 7 was:

So Building 7 is not hit by a plane and yet it falls later in the day just like the Twin Towers.

Set aside the debate about whether an airplane can cause Buildings 1 and 2 to collapse at free-fall speed, how exactly did they take down Building 7 a few blocks away?


That must be a pretty powerful plane!

But that’s not all.

Listen to this clip from Larry Silverstein where he talks about making the decision to “pull it”:

Understand what “pull it” means…

Anyone watching that clip understands intuitively that “pull it” means to demo the building.

But when they later understood just how troublesome this clip was, they changed their tune and said no, no, “pull it” means pull the fire-fighters out of the building.

You decide:

Now here’s the piece that really destroys their story.


That building falls at near free-fall speed later in the day, just as Buildings 1 and 2 did earlier that morning.


Most people come to the only conclusion a reasonable person could come to….

Simply put?

Building 7 had already been wired up for a controlled demo prior to 9/11:

Is there some other explanation?

Do you see it a different way?

Still BeLIEve The Official 9/11 Story? You Won’t After Seeing This!

You don’t simply “get over” or “move on” from 9/11.

Especially when everything they’ve ever told you about it is a lie.

Don’t believe me?

Keep reading…

Because we will continue to investigate and report on the truth.

Shall we talk Building 7?

How it came down at free-fall speed, even though it was never hit by anything?

We won’t even get into that right now.

For now, I just want to cover the alleged video evidence of the crash and ask you to please compare the two videos that are shown in this clip.

Watch here on Rumble:

Backup here if that link doesn’t work:

Don’t trust your lying eyes folks!

If we rolled out Dan Rather to that gymnasium and he told you a whale really did pop up out of the floor and splash everyone in the gym, half of you would beLIEve it.

Don’t be deceived.

Also, remember this?

VIDEO FOUND: George W. Bush Admits Explosives Used In 9/11

Or how about this one?

EXPOSING The TRUTH About 9/11 (In Their Own Words)

Time to wake up folks…

Spread the word!

Now I leave you with this…


This is the “official story” they want you to believe.

You tell me, which is more insane….believing this story or questioning it?

Backup here on Rumble:

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