Footage of Senator Rand Paul’s (R-KY) staffer being stabbed in Washington D.C. in March was released on Tuesday.

The Washington Post released security camera footage that captured the March 25th attack on congressional staffer Phillip Todd.

In the video, a man knocks Todd onto the sidewalk and repeatedly stabs him.

“What the f***,” someone says in the video.

Todd’s friend attempts to pull the attacker off, and someone appears to yell “go away, go away.”


The attacker slowly walks out of the frame after Todd and his friend run away.

“The security video was played in D.C. Superior Court last month at the preliminary hearing for Glynn Neal, the 42-year-old man charged with assault with intent to kill in the attack,” The Washington Post stated.

The Washington Post reports:

Prosecutors initially declined to release the footage, though they eventually did so after The Washington Post filed a motion asking D.C. Superior Court Judge Anthony C. Epstein to intervene.

The judge issued an order noting that The Post’s motion would become unnecessary if the prosecutors, who had possession of the video, released it — which they did hours later. Neal’s attorneys had objected, arguing that releasing the video could prejudice their client’s efforts in obtaining an impartial jury. They noted at the hearing, though, that the attacker’s face was not identifiable.

The victim in the attack, Phillip Todd, was stabbed multiple times in his head and chest, suffering a brain bleed and punctured lung that required several surgeries, prosecutors said. His friend, Christopher Barnard, was not wounded.

Todd’s parents said their son was “randomly and brutally attacked,” and his friend prevented the wounds sustained in the attack from being fatal.

Watch the footage from the attack (WARNING – GRAPHIC):

Daily Caller provided additional statements from Todd’s parents:

“As the parents of Phillip Todd, we would like to give an update on our son’s condition, which will hopefully answer many of the questions we’ve received. In return, we ask to respect our privacy and the privacy of our extended family so that we can focus on our son’s recovery,” the parents said in a March statement.

“He was randomly and brutally attacked by a person armed with a knife, who, according to the police report, attempted to kill him. The intervention of our son’s friend helped prevent the wounds from being fatal. Our son is in a stable condition, having undergone trauma surgery to address the wounds in his body. He also has a fracture on his skull, which will be treated with non-invasive neurosurgery. He is expected to make a full recovery due to his young age and good health. Our son and our family draw strength from our faith to see us through this challenging time. Phillip is conscious and alert and has repeatedly stated, ‘the joy of the Lord is my strength’ (Nehemiah 8:10),” they continued.

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