Surveillance footage from Miami International Airport appears to show U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents stealing from travelers’ belongings during screening.

The two TSA agents, Labarrius Williams and Josue Gonzalez, face grand theft charges after authorities investigated thefts that occurred at the airport’s Security Checkpoint E.

“A third TSA agent was initially arrested but had her charges dropped,” NBC 6 South Florida writes.

The Florida State Attorney’s Office released surveillance footage from the security checkpoint.

“According to the police report, two TSA agents were caught on video removing items and $600 from a passenger’s wallet while the passenger was going through security screening at Miami International Airport in Miami, Florida. The individuals accused of theft were arrested in July and charged with grand theft,” Raws Alerts writes.


NBC 6 South Florida reports:

Gonzalez was accepted into a state program where if he successfully completes it, his charges will get dropped.

For the next six months, Gonzalez must pay $700 to the two victims involved and he must do 25 hours of community service and give up his airport security credentials.

As for Williams, he was denied entry into the same program so he will head to trial.

Detectives discovered surveillance video showed the officers distracting passengers as they were being screened so they could steal money from their belongings, the reports said.

In one case, video provided by TSA showed Williams and Gonzalez removing $600 from a passenger’s wallet as the passenger was being screened, the reports said.

In one of the videos released Monday, the two appear to be casually going through a pocket of a black bag. When one agent walks away, the other appears to take something from the bin and put in his pocket.

The outlet said Gonzalez and Williams pleaded not guilty and await their next court date.


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