The consequences of a failure to control immigration in America…

A foreign-born alien who sought help with his immigration papers has been arrested for the alleged brutal beating and rape of the woman who was helping him. Zenen Alvarez-Alguezabal, is behind bars in Seneca, South Carolina and has four previous felony convictions in the United States. It is currently unclear how the man had immigration papers, considering he had four felonies that spanned South Carolina, Texas, California, and Washington state.

“The victim told police she pretended to pass out, then when Alvarez passed out, she ran to her apartment without pants or shoes and called her son who reported the incident,” reported local “The victim had bruises on her face, along with scratches on her hands and the back of her neck. The victim was transported by ambulance to a hospital.” Their report stated:

Police said they arrived at Alvarez’s home and found a handgun on the sofa. Police also located a gold earring and a pair of women’s pants.

The victim said she had tried to help Alvarez get his immigration papers in order, according to an incident report.

The victim told police she went to the restroom and when she returned found Alvarez naked. She tried to leave, but Alvarez struck her in the face and assaulted her, according to police.

The victim pushed the alarm on her car key and Alvarez threatened to kill her if she called the police, according to the police report.

Via: Breitbart News

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