While lame-duck President Obama cries foul over the possibility that Russia hacked the DNC emails and exposed Crooked Hillary, her campaign and the Democrat Party to the voters, a bigger story of voter fraud and possibly intentional incompetence is unfolding in Detroit thanks to Jill Stein’s recount.

A shocking article came out in The Detroit Free Press about the Detroit poll workers that will make your head explode! It was revealed in the article that poll workers hired by Hillary Clinton supporter and Detroit City Clerk Janice Winfrey, cannot read, can’t operate a computer and are showing up without any training.

In March 2015, only months after Detroit emerged from largest municipal bankruptcy filing in American history, the Democrat Detroit City Clerk Janice Winfrey, who was making over $73,000 per year, and had access to take-home city-owned car boldly asked the city to give her a raise. Winfrey argued that, “I oversee a budget of $13 million and approximately 200 full- and part-time employees.” She told WWJ’s Charlie Langton that the “timing might be terrible” but she feels justified. She claimed people should consider all of her responsibilities.

On March 30, 2015 a compensation panel on Monday agreed that the “overworked” Janice Winfrey’s pay should be increased to $78,761 per year.

But how hard did Janice Winfrey really work and did she really deserve a raise?

What steps did Winfrey take when she knew that 59% of the machines being used to count the votes were not working properly prior to the elections?

Michigan’s largest county voted overwhelmingly for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, but officials couldn’t reconcile vote totals for 610 of 1,680 precincts during a countywide canvass of vote results late last month.

Most of those are in heavily Democratic Detroit, where the number of ballots in precinct poll books did not match those of voting machine printout reports in 59 percent of precincts, 392 of 662.

How hard did Janice Winfrey work to staff Detroit with capable poll workers on election day?

Janice Winfrey should have called a news conference last January and said Detroit could not run its 2016 elections effectively without people stepping up to replace aging, incapable poll workers.

Had she done that, the Detroit city clerk, who was widely praised for transforming the department when she ousted former Clerk Jackie Currie in 2005, would not be facing a firestorm of criticism over mishandled voter ballots and malfunctioning machines.

She also wouldn’t have had some precincts where capable veterans worked alongside some people who could not read, weren’t properly trained, weren’t mobile and didn’t know how to use new electronic polling books that long ago replaced paper sheets, one veteran polling supervisor who has worked the polls for 30 years asserted Thursday.

“The one thing I noticed — and this is where the problem is cropping up — is that a lot of folks have mobility issues and other issues,” said Christopher Flournoy, 52, a residential home improvement salesperson who lives in Russell Woods.

Flournoy has been working the polls since he was in his 20s, and said things are not as they should be.

“I have personally been shocked when I go to training,” he said. “They do provide training and you’ll see people come in on walkers and with crutches, and the one thought I had is how on earth are they going to carry on their responsibilities as an elections inspector?

“The biggest problem is training — and I don’t like to say disparaging things — but the trainers are not trained to provide instruction. They’re winging it. They don’t have people who have been trained to provide training to adults. It becomes a gripe session about the previous election. You get handed some materials and nobody says good luck, but that’s implied. You’ll figure out as you go along.”

The average age of poll workers nationwide is 68. Detroit workers are older, Winfrey said earlier this week. And the work is grueling — 15-18 hours with only two one-hour meal times and two other 15-minute breaks.

“We’re getting older folks doing it because they’ve always done it like me, and we’re getting another group doing it because it’s an easy way to make a $150,” Flournoy said.

“I’ve had workers in precincts I supervise who couldn’t read. They absolutely could not read and couldn’t operate the computer,” he said, adding that Winfrey should return to giving the aptitude test she created when she was first elected. “That’s where it goes back to — training. Training is supposed to be mandatory, but I’ve had people to show up and say ‘No, I didn’t do training, but they gave me a credential.’ ” Read more: DFP


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