Laura Ingraham spoke with a former ACLU board member last night who skewered the Democratic candidates for president for buying into the Al Sharpton scam of reparations.

Michael Meyers makes the point that the candidates are buying into the grifting of Sharpton because they want his endorsement. Meyers is an amazing truth-teller who is a breath of fresh air. He hits the nail on the head with how he describes Sharpton’s hustling to gain money and power over people.

Ingraham shows a sickening clip of each candidate pledging their support for reparations. Ingraham said it looks like they are prostrating themselves before Sharpton.

While Sharpton skates on paying his taxes, he’s out scamming his way into being a powerful force in the 2020 elections. Democrats should support any candidate who DOESN’T support Sharpton. Even better, vote for Trump!

Ingraham makes a great point that ironically the push for reparations is racist.

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She also plays a clip of Sharpton claiming President Trump isn’t doing enough to lower black unemployment below whites.

The black community should reject Sharpton and others who race-bait in order to stay relevant. They’re only out to line their pockets.

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