Former CIA officer Bryan Dean Wright spoke out in a blistering rant to Tucker Carlson last night about Defense Secretary Mark Esper openly going against President Trump wanting to use the Insurrection Act to bring in the military. Esper made a public comment that the military should only be used in “dire” situations:

This goes against President Trump’s policy during the violent riots after days of rioting in DC. America is in trouble when the military goes against the president, and Wright lets Esper have it for his defiance of President Trump.

Wright makes the point that the Defense Secretary serves at the will of the president and that President Trump is Commander-In-Chief. Esper’s job is to implement the president’s policy and not second guess or defy his policy.

This is an epic takedown of Esper and any military figure who would go against President Trump:

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“Get the hell out of the Pentagon!”

“This is a threat to our country and our system of government.”

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