Former NBA Player and CNN+ host called Justice Clarence Thomas a “black white supremacist” on Twitter, comparing him to Dave Chappelle’s character Clayton Bigsby

If you’re ever left wondering why CNN+ folded, wonder no more. Former NBA player Rex Chapman, who CNN+ hired as a host in January, only a few months before the streaming service folded, took to Twitter Friday to accuse Justice Clarence Thomas of being a “black white supremacist,” likening him to a well-known Dave Chappelle character, Clayton Bigsby–a blind, black white supremacist who doesn’t know that he is black.

The left has been gunning for Justice Thomas for years, trying a myriad of accusations and insults to see what sticks. Over time, very little has stuck, and they have been resorting to more ridiculous accusations such as Chapman’s.

Chapman began by sharing a video on Twitter, suggesting that Justice Thomas being in a room with all white people makes him a white supremacist.

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The next step in his “logic” is that Thomas does not go to NBA games. That, too, signals to Chapman that he is a “black white supremacist.”

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Finally, he shares a video clip from Dave Chappelle’s show which includes the character Clayton Bigsby, a blind, black, white supremacist.

Chapman’s unhinged rant is not the first from a liberal celebrity or internet personality to try and target Clarence Thomas’s race. Samuel L. Jackson referred to Clarence Thomas as “Uncle Thomas,” an allusion to the novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin, and Whoopi Goldberg suggested that the Court and the GOP will come after Thomas, too, since he is a black man married to a white woman.

The racism of the left has been on full display against Justice Thomas.

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