Former Democrat Governor Rod Blagojevich appeared on Newsmax, where he was asked what he “makes of Philadelphia?”

Blagojevich, the former Illinois governor, whose prison sentence was recently commuted by President Trump, knows a little bit about corruption, as he was once part of the corrupt Chicago Democrat Party machine. He responded, “If the question is, are the Democrats stealing votes in Philadelphia, my answer is, ‘Is the Pope Catholic?'” He continued, “It’s a time-honored tradition in big Democrat-controlled cities like Chicago, my hometown, Philadelphia, to do precisely what they’re doing.”

Now, I’ve never seen it on such a magnitude,” he said, adding that he doesn’t’ believe the massive voter fraud is confined to Philadelphia, “Coming out of Chicago Democratic politics, my instincts tell me it’s going on in Atlanta, it’s going on in Detroit, it’s going on in Atlanta, it’s going on in Milwaukee, it’s going on in Las Vegas.”

The well-known Democrat continued, saying coming out of the Chicago political establishment, he knows how they operate, saying, ” They control polling places, they stop votes when their candidate’s behind, and then, in the wee hours of the morning, in the dark of night, the stealing starts.” Blagojevich added, that “We’ve seen that in big numbers—unprecedented numbers in Michigan and in Philadelphia,” adding that the media is looking the other way because “they just want to beat Donald Trump at all costs.”

Blagojevich told the Newsmax host, “In Democrat big cities where they control the political apparatus, and they control the apparatus that counts the votes, and they control the polling places and the ones that count those votes, it’s widespread, and it’s deep.”

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