Steve Pigeon, the former Erie County Democrat Party Chairman, was sentenced to 364 days in prison for sexually abusing a child who was younger than 11 years old.

The district attorney’s office said Pigeon subjected the child, who he knew, to sexual contact at a location in Erie County on a date between November and December 2016.

“He was arraigned on a six-count indictment in the case in December 2021. He pleaded guilty to one count of first-degree sexual abuse in November 2023 ahead of a jury trial that was scheduled to begin,” WKBW 7 reports.

Pigeon is required to register as a sex offender upon his release.

WKBW 7 noted:

A final order of protection was issued on behalf of the victim and the victim’s mother and remains in effect until December 2031.


The former Erie County Democratic Chairman also previously pleaded guilty to conspiring to arrange illegal donations to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s 2014 re-election campaign. He was sentenced to four months in prison in connection to that case in July 2022.

WGRZ added:

During Pigeon’s sentencing, prosecutors read a statement from the victim, who was a child at the time of the crime, “He took away practically my whole childhood…I wish that Gerald Steven Pigeon would spend the rest of his life in prison for what he did to me, but we don’t always get exactly what we want.”

State Supreme Court Justice William Boller accepted a plea deal approved by the victim’s family, which DA Flynn said had been requested to spare the victim from having to testify at trial.

Pigeon’s victim wrote, “The stress of a trial that we almost had was practically debilitating.”

Pigeon will be required to register as a sex offender after his release from jail. A final order of protection has been issued for the victim and the victim’s mother, which will remain in effect until December 2031.

The victim wrote, “The day I found out what had actually happened to me, I remember feeling so disgusted and scared. I wanted to go tell my mom, but I remember Steve saying that if I told anyone, he would hurt my mother.”

However, Roger Stone said Pigeon is an innocent man and there’s no physical or witness evidence against him.

“This is a travesty of Justice. Steve Pigeon is innocent. there is no physical or witness evidence against him. He has been convicted by a politically motivated DA. In fact, the case, for his innocence is overwhelming,” Stone wrote.

The Niagara Reporter wrote in November:

In a dramatic turn of events, G. Steven Pigeon faced a harrowing decision in the face of serious sexual abuse charges. With the risk of a life sentence looming over him, Pigeon grappled with a gut-wrenching choice: accept a plea deal for a crime he insists he didn’t commit, or face a jury trial with uncertain outcomes. This high-stakes legal drama unfolded in Erie County, where the district attorney’s offer of an eight-month sentence starkly contrasted with the potential life imprisonment. Pigeon’s dilemma highlights the complexities and moral quandaries within the justice system, particularly around coercive plea bargaining and the challenging nature of proving innocence.

Roger Stone wrote to The Gateway Pundit to provide the outlet with additional details to the story.

Here’s what Stone told The Gateway Pundit:

I have known STEPHEN PIGEON for 35 years.

There is no physical evidence or witness evidence whatsoever against him. He is being convicted on the word of a child with a long history of accusing men, including others in her family, of sexual assault. The girl’s mother could be bitter about the fact that when Steve Pigeon’s mother passed, he got the entire inheritance, and she got nothing.

Stephen Pigeon is an innocent man. The district attorney who brought this case is a Democrat who was denied a judgeship when Pigeon was the County Party Chair.

The New York State Attorney General who approved this case is Leticia James. Pigeon opposed her as county chairman, supporting a more moderate Democrat for the Democrat nomination for AG. The investigator for the district attorney was also denied promotion in the Democratic Party under Pigeon.

There are many witnesses to impeach the credibility of the daughter and her mother, including emails between her and her brother, which confirm that many of the claims she made were false. If Pigeon went to trial in the town where he is very controversial and was convicted, he would’ve gotten a 50-year sentence at Attica. It’s a death sentence. That his political adversaries were willing to negotiate an eight-month sentence at the county correctional facility in the medical unit, run by a sheriff who Steve Pigeon elected, shows that there is no justice in this case, and his tormentors merely wanted a guilty plea to destroy him politically.

The sentence was eight months in a case where the crime if convicted, would command a 50-year sentence. Every member of Steve’s family has supported him against these false claims by his niece and Steve’s sister-in-law. It cannot be reported that she is a family member, and her name is concealed in the plea bargain. Steve Pigeon may be a Democrat but he is innocent of these charges brought by a vindictive district attorney, who is a political opponent, tried by a judge who got his judgeship only after Pigeon was removed as county chairman and Leticia James, the Soros-funded leftist who hates Pigeon because he refused her grab for the attorney General’s office.


Steve pled guilty not because they had a strong case against him, but because the risk of conviction was certain death. He can survive eight months in a county institution where he will be separated from the general population. He would’ve been murdered as an innocent, but accused sex offender against children in the general population of Attica prison.

He has been convicted solely on the word of a child in an event that took place allegedly 18 years ago. Pigeon’s defense counsel actually has receipts for movie tickets that prove the Pigeon took his niece and a group of her young friends to a movie during the time she claims she was being raped in a car. This guy is innocent. Bless Steve this Christmas.

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