After a Fox Business interview earlier in the day (see below), Gino DeFabio was asked to speak at the Ohio Rally by President Trump. Speaking from the heart, Gino explained how he knew he had to support Trump in 2016:

Gino’s interview on Fox Business caught the eye of President Trump:

DiFabio was interviewed by Fox’s David Asman who immediately pointed out DeFabio’s t-shirt:

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“By the way, your t-shirt— we can just see the first part. It says ‘Trump won.’ What’s the second part?”

DeFabio proudly said, “Deal with it”

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Asman asked what made a lifelong Democrat switch parties to support Trump: “My whole life I was raised Democrat. You’re in the steel valley here. We’re proud of our work ethic. We’re proud of our families and that’s how we are here. For about the last thirty five years I’ve been hearing ‘oh yeah, we’re going to fight for you. We’re going to take care of you. I’m going to go to Washington and do this and do that.’ They’ve done nothing for us, nothing but promise.”

DeFabio was asked about overregulation:

“The regulations they put on us are incredible,” he said. “They’re killing jobs. They’re trying to kill the coal industry. If he gets rid of the regulations, frees up some of the trade deals that are ridiculous where we just give everything away, we’re all going to be better off. How could you be against that message?”

President Trump had to love the answer to the question Asman asked about the Russia:

“There’s no Russians behind the trees. There’s no Russians under Jared Kushner’s bed. They are trying to find an excuse why they lost the election and now they are trying to come up with a new message.”

“Every time they beat the guy down, he gets stronger.”

“Believe me, we’re not buying the fake news and the fake media, and we’re not buying the Russians, so just stop it.”


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